Wheel Straightening

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

Rims get bent every day by impacts, usually caused by potholes or curbs. Having a bent rim is not only unattractive but directly effects tire pressure, can cause tire wear and oftentimes is the source of tire vibrations.

For many years it was believed that alloy rims, when bent, could not be repaired and must be replaced. That is no longer true.

How Fox & Fox can help:

We are fully equipped to take all four rims off your car and check each rim individually for damage, as well as to mount and balance the tires after straightening.

We use hydraulic pressure and customized tools to straighten aluminum alloy or steel rims to factory specifications while not compromising the strength and integrity of your rim. Our process is both an art and a science, and only qualified technicians will work on your rims.

Can’t make it in? Live too far away? We can still help you out!

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