What People Are Saying

Posted on: March 16th, 2012 by Admin

“I was very pleased with the service. They also checked out the car and told me the car could use and alignment. Thank you and I look forward to working with you all for a long time. I appreciate that it’s a family owend/operated business and it is hard to find a mechanic to work on a BMW. Since my experience I have referred MANY people to Fox & Fox and continue to do so. Thank you!” – Stephanie Coleman

“Whenever I come for auto service and repair, I know I am in trustworthy hands. I trust Fox & Fox to be honest & understanding in all my auto needs. So much, in fact, that as a State Farm CSR, I recommend them to our customers.” -Kathleen Meyers

“Fantastic place for auto repair. Customer service is the best in Fort Wayne. Good job, Fox & Fox.” Steve Fishbaugh

“So I took my car to you guys this week for a standard oil change and was pleasantly suprised. Most auto shops seem dirty and unfriendly, but you guys were amazing! The service was quick, convenient, and classy. As someone running a small business it is nice to see that there are other small businesses out there providing great products and quality trustworthy services to the community! I highly recommend Fox & Fox and will be a life long customer.” -Zac Dudek

“You guys rock! Thanks for taking good care of me and (being) so straight forward. You will get my business again.” -Bill Gardiner

“You saved our lives today with a towing referral! We were stranded and didn’t know who to call =) Thanks for the help.” -EAS (twitter)

” Thanks for making full use of your social media! I see this as great customer service and I appreciate it!” Andrew Freehauf

“(I) just voted for Fox & Fox- a bunch- for the 2012 Readers Choice Awards.” Julie Morrison

“Great people to work with. Rapid service. Through check out revealed other issues that I will have addressed there next week.” -Charles Ewing

“I have all of my car needs done at Fox & Fox. I have almost 100,000 miles on my care and cannot afford a new one! Fox and Fox keeps my old vehicle driving like new and most importantly, they keep me safe. This was a typical visit for me. I took my car in after the bus picked up the kids and they shuttled me back home (to do housework). They came and picked me up when it was done. I was home with my vehicle before the bus brought the kids home. At my previous visit, I had alignment work done. I had to replace a sway bar. Over the holidays, I took a trip and flew out of Detroit. I left my Durango at my brother’s house who lives in Detroit. He gave my car a thorough inspection while I was away. He said, “Those guys did a good job on your sway bar.” This is significant because my brother is a perfectionist and if he just says something is “all right”, it is a compliment. He is an airline mechanic and works on 747s.”

“I have used Fox and Fox for many years(20?) and highly recommend them. It is a family business, many of the employees have been there for several years and I know them by name. What I like about them is their honesty. They will tell me what I absolutely need to address and what can wait. I frequently see Mr. Fox there thanking the customers and making sure we were content with the service.” -Linda Gilbert

“Quote was right on. “- Michael Sokolowski

“We’ve used them many years for our vehicles and our three children’s vehicles. We’ve always felt that they were fair and honest. If they said something needed to be repaired then it did need to be done. The prices that they charged we felt were in line with other auto repair shops. They weren’t overly expensive.” – Joyce McCarty

“Their estimates are always right on target with what they end up charging. They provide good quality customer service. We go to them because of the quality of their service. They will only do the work that is necessary or suggest getting work done that is necessary.”

“I went to Fox & Fox for a side mirror that had cracked and was barely hanging on. The service tech came out took a look at the mirror and said that he felt that we could get by with just replacing the mirror itself instead of the entire side mirror and case. He went back inside to investigate on how the parts were sold and gave me two estimates one for replacing mirror only and one with entire case and mirror. He said it would be my decision but he strongly felt we could get by with replacing the mirror only and save $100. So I decided on the mirror only. He ordered the parts and called me back about 2 days later when they came in. I scheduled the repair time, dropped car off and within 3 hours the car was ready again. They did a great job with the repair it looks original and I have had no problems with it. I really appreciated their professional opinion on how to best repair it and how professional the service was from start to finish. I felt the pricing was very reasonable b/c the dealer was charging $300-$400 for the same repair. We will use them again.” -Yolanda Khaliq

“The staff at Fox & Fox were great. They are very thoughtful, courteous and professional. I will├é┬ádefinitely use them again” -Amy Bair

“They are very reputable and very reliable. They had the car done in the time frame that they said they would. The workers were friendly and professional. We would definitely use them again.” -David Krueckberg

“(They did) Very well. They spotted the brake line during an earlier oil change and pointed it out. We heard the compressor grinding and they diagnosed and fixed it. Didn’t try to sell us a new/rebuilt compressor.” Steve Sherburne

“After hearing good things, I am now a paying customer!” -Scott Howard

“Excellent Job! Friendly people and I love whoever handles your Twitter account. ” – Reneta Thurairatnam

” Great enviornment and honest prices.” – Will Morken