Tune Up and Performance

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

Today’s vehicles have tens if not hundreds of electronic control modules and computers. These systems evolve and become increasingly complex on an annual basis. As the OEM manufacturers race to comply with increased fuel economy and emission standards, they utilize the advantages of miniaturization and speedy microprocessors to gain better control of many complex systems on the vehicle. This allows them to make beneficial adjustments over an infinite number of operating conditions. All of these computers and modules are programmed and the engineers are continuously making small changes as more data is collected from the field to makes these systems more efficient and vehicles perform better.

It requires sophisticated diagnostic equipment and information to analyze, diagnose and repair these systems. It requires highly trained technicians dedicated to continuously learning the new systems and acquiring the training that is necessary to keep up with the rapid evolution of these electronic control systems.

How Fox & Fox can help

At Fox & Fox we utilize state of the art scan tools and diagnostic equipment with the most recent factory service bulletins to be able to service your vehicle. Whether it be electronic ride control, antilock brake systems, transmission shift problems or an engine miss we are here to get your car running right.