Shocks and Struts

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

The Purpose or Function of Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts essentially serve the same purpose. They’re main function is to keep the vehicle from bouncing. A vehicle has front and rear springs to cushion the vehicle over rough road conditions. If there were no shocks or struts the vehicle would continue to bounce excessively. The shocks and struts prevent the car from bouncing by damping the springs and controlling spring oscilations. If the oscilations are off, accelerated wear of the front end components can occur.

Keeping in mind that the purpose of shocks and struts is to keep the vehicle from bouncing, the following is some of the reasons why they should be replaced.

•An excessively bouncing car can be an uncomfortable driving experience.
•The vehicle can be harder to control leading to an unsafe condition.
•Excessive strain can be put on other vehicle components causing premature failure.
•Bad shocks or struts will cause the tires to bounce and create spotty or choppy wear on the vehicles tires.

How Fox and Fox can help

At Fox and Fox we specialize in all manner of ride control products to enhance, upgrade or just replace worn parts. We carry a complete line of NAPA products that included Gas charged shocks and struts, complete strut, spring and bearing plate assemblies for a more overall approach, and value lines for an economical OEM quality replacement. We carry shocks for commerical use vehicles, off road 4X4 trucks, and larger mid and Heavy duty trucks.

For our performance minded customers we can assist you with the installing lift kids, lowering kits and race and road track ride control products. Our professionals will be glad to advise and assist you in achieving your handling goals.

Many automobiles are equipped right from the factory with load sensing, electronically controlled, active suspension systems that work with the antilock brake systems and steering systems of your car. This is commonly known as Stabilitrack. Our technicians are fully trained and equiped to diagnose and repair these advanced ride control systems.

We also offer customers that require a higher weight carrying capacity than the factory springs provide and supply a full array of spring enhancements including the addition of spring leaves, air adjustable spring shocks and struts, and Timbren overload kids. We have a solution to all of your suspension enhancement needs.