Frame and Unibody Repair

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by sara

As our name implies, we are a frame and unibody shop. When the company was founded in 1963, frame repair was our only business. Since that time, we have expanded, but this heritage remains a vital part of daily operations. We can repair, straighten or replace the frame of any vehicle on the road today.

In the event of a collision, whether or not it involves your insurance company, we can make your damaged frame or unibody good as new again. We have state of the art Chief and Hunter equipment to precisely measure the amount of correction needed and to watch in real time as the damage unfolds. We can work with your insurance company to be sure that they are aware of all damage, even hidden damage that is difficult to uncover. Many times, after repair, your vehicle drives better than it did prior to the collision because we go back through the frame and bring it back to factory specifications.

Occasionally over time, corrosion and deterioration of the frame or unibody may occur. This shows up as rust but affects the integrity of the frame. Symptoms of this might first appear as a drivability and handling issues such as tire wear, noise or leaks in a variety of ways.

Possible corrections can include panel replacement, the welding of patch panels in the effect areas, pulling the frame to reposition the panels and welding of broken areas. Corrosion protection can be applied to halt the spread of corrosion. In any event, we will work with you to perform professional repairs to keep you safe and your car on the road.

How Fox and Fox can help

We can perform these repairs on any vehicle from an automobile up to and including over the road tractor and everything in-between. We work on imports, sports cars, vintage cars and trucks, trailers and ATVs.

We also do work for other body shops that can’t (or won’t) tackle the most difficult and technically challenging jobs as a sublet shop. Many of these jobs are referred directly to us by these shops as well.

When you want it done right, Fox and Fox is your best choice for frame, unibody and structural repairs!