Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

There are hundreds of bearings in your vehicle. Any part that rotates has one or more bearings to support it. These parts take a lot of abuse and even the smallest amount of wear or an imperfection can cause problems.

There are bearings in the differential, the drive axles, the transmission, engine, steering and wheels All of the electrical motors that operate the seats, windows, heater and air conditioning blowers and wipers have bearings. The most common bearings which requires replacement are the wheel bearings.

Wheel bearings are subjected to tremendous abuse. They are exposed to the elements, subjected to braking and turning forces when maneuvering in traffic or turns, as well as constantly hitting bumps in the road all while carrying the weight of the car. Wheel bearings also house the antilock brake sensors and can directly relate to that system and its ability to perform. How Fox and Fox can help

There are many poorly built replacements that are readily available and inexpensively being installed today, but they tend to not last very long. At Fox and Fox, because your safety is our concern, we use only OEM quality replacement units with a warrantee. This is important to us because this part carries with it the safe operation of your vehicle. In fact, we feel that your wheel bearings are so important that we inspect them during our 32-point safety inspection included with all of our oil changes.