Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

Fox and Fox appreciates and understands that your tires and wheels play an important role in the overall appearance and safety of your vehicle as you drive. Along with your brakes, your tires are some of most important safety devices in your vehicle. Understanding the importance that tires and wheels play in your vehicle’s performance and safety will go a long way in ensuring your ride is a safe and comfortable one.

Aside from providing a comfortable ride, your tires are designed to cope with the forces associated with vehicle acceleration, braking and steering. A common problem faced by many tire manufacturers is that no one tire is best for all road conditions. It is essential to have tires that have the strength to resist damage, but still have enough flexibility to cushion impacts.

At Fox and Fox, we have the expertise to help you select the best tires for your vehicle, and the know-how to get them at affordable prices. We will also work with you to install and balance tires that you might have purchased directly yourself. Just contact us prior and ship them here. We will call you when they arrive, so you can save time and money. We make the whole process an easy one for you!

At Fox and Fox we also offer nitrogen for your tires. Nitrogen ideal for tires, it is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is oxygen, which means that your tire pressures will remain more stable over the long term. Nitrogen allows for less pressure change with temperature swings than dry air does. Nitrogen is also less likely to cause corrosion of the steel or aluminum rim.

Our services for your tires and wheels include the following:

Tire Pressure Check
Wheel Balancing
Alignment Services
Tire Rotation
Tire Pressure Monitor System
TPMS Diagnosis
TPMS Repair
TPMS Reset
Mounting and Balancing
Road Force Balance
Nitrogen Fill and Refill
Wheel/Rim Straightening