Suspension and Springs

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

Over the years suspension systems have evolved from the straight axle and leaf springs of the horseless carriage. In an effort to improve the ride and safety of maneuvering our highways and to be able to stop and still maneuver at highway speeds, engineers have come up with innovative designs. The Ackerman system was used up until the 1970s.

Then as we began to worry about weight and fuel economy the MacPherson strut and rack and pinion steering was utilized. When the need to save weight while achieving better control became a priority, five link and seven link systems were developed that could alter alignment angles in a more dynamic way- making the vehicles safer.

Now with the computerization and miniaturization of the electronic control age, suspension systems are interconnected and interact with the brake system, steering wheel position and engine and transmission to adjust for pitch and yaw, severity of turns, braking forces, acceleration, speed, weight being hauled by vehicle, ambient air temperature and individual wheel speeds to constantly adjust the individual suspension per wheel for optimal suspension dampening and weight capacity to safely control your car.

How Fox and Fox can help

It takes properly trained technicians and the right equipment blended with experience to repair and maintain these systems. We at Fox and Fox have that proper blend of talents and equipment to professionally service these vehicles.

There are still plenty of later model, less technologically complex vehicles on the road. Our heritage at Fox and Fox is frame and suspension repair and we have been servicing all manners of these systems since 1963. We have tackled and repaired the most difficult of handling problems not only for the consumer but for other alignment shops when the problem becomes too difficult for them.

We are able to handle suspension repairs on all vehicles on the road from the largest over the road tractor or bus down to the smallest city car. We can repair unique vehicles such as high-performance cars, four wheel drive trucks, lifted cars, lowered cars, and other custom design vehicles.