Exhaust System

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by sara

The exhaust system affects the way your car drives and the gas mileage that it gets. In some ways it is similar to the respiratory system in your body. It allows air to run through your engine and expels the waste gas. Exhaust systems are an essential part of the car allowing your engine to run smoothly. Having an efficient exhaust system can really save on gas mileage and will help your whole car function better.

When does my exhaust system need serviced?

Most makes and models today have stainless steel systems. With these systems a noise is common indicator. Occasionally, a smell or a Service Engine light can be indicators of a faulty system as well.

How Fox & Fox can help

Our technicians are trained to diagnose, service and repair exhaust systems from the engine back. They are able to ensure that your system is tuned for optimum tone quality and air flow performance.